Episode 14 featuring Chris Barnes and Jon Moore

Yes, that's right. Fourteen. We are temporarily skipping episode 13. You may remember a few posts back where I said we were temporarily skipping episode 11. Well, I lied. I also lied about being caught up by the end of the summer. I also lied about releasing regularly over Christmas break...which is now over...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, by the way ;-P. But this is for real. I've already started editing episode 13, and it should be released sometime this month.

Episode 14, on the other hand, didn't need too much editing. The first half hour or so was lost to technical difficulties (coughSPENCERcough), so there went a good junk of necessary editing. Unfortunately, that was a very funny segment, thanks to our special guests Chris Barnes and Jon Moore. These guys are absolutely hilarious, with a real knack for comedic timing.

Spencer may have lost a bit of the episode while he was recording it, but he did a great job of pushing it through post production. It's actually been ready to release for several weeks now (at least), and, as webmaster, I take full responsibility for that.

Also, this is the first episode to feature some real intro music, produced by Spencer Neal himself. Let him know what you think by emailing spencer@weekendmeltdown.com. This is probably something that will become a regular part of the show for a while, so we hope you like it, and we'll try to change it if you don't.

Well, I'm sorry to ramble on so much. Why don't you head on over to iTunes or our podcast file to download this episode. I guarantee you'll love it or your money back. ;-) Episode 14-1 is available now, with the other two parts coming later this week.

Posted by Ryan Waldroop
at 22:22 on Thursday, 03 January 2008

Ep. 12-3 and 4 Should we be driving??

Ok the rest of episode 12 is here for your approval. Part 3 contains many discussions about Ryan's fiancee and how she stood up the podcast, and then didn't answer Ryan's call, but called back later.

In part 4, the guys discuss their many driving blunders, making everyone wonder, should we really be driving?

Posted by David Taylor Jr.
at 14:22 on Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ep. 12-2: How not to buy Valentine's Gifts...

Alright we have a new episode update for you. In this second section of Episode 12 Ryan tells us about his idea of the ideal Valentine's Day gift for Laura.....an MP3 Player that she gave to him months earlier!

Also, the rest of episode 12 will be coming over the next couple of days. Keep checking back!!

Posted by David Taylor Jr.
at 16:16 on Sunday, 11 November 2007

Ep. 12: Bag + Tit = Udder

We hope to start releasing fairly regularly again soon, especially over Christmas break. Here's a pretty funny clip for you...I think the title says it all. :-D

Yes, you read the title right--we're temporarily skipping episode 11. Hopefully we'll get back to that later.

PS--Happy Veteran's/Armistice Day. At the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month of 1918, a cease-fire began which effectively ended the Great War.

Posted by Ryan Waldroop
at 16:16 on Sunday, 11 November 2007


Sorry, folks! I messed up when updating the podcast.xml (RSS and iTunes) file. Instead of telling them to download WeekendMeltdown10-2, I told it to link to 10-1. Also, I uploaded episode 10-2 with typo (I left the "d" out of "Weekend"). Depending on what you used to download the latest update, you either got another copy of 10-1, or got an error saying that the file didn't exist. Please download the "(repost)" file, and you may safely ignore or delete the mislabeled file. I have removed the bad link and post, but it still may show up in some programs (e.g., iTunes may still show the bad file, but Firefox will not).

Also, the forums crashed a while back. I'll have them back up for comments later this week. If you are dying to tell us something, just email us. Use our first names @weekendmeltdown.com. I.e., I am ryan@weekendmeltdown.com. Thanks for your patience!

Edit: I guess it really was bad luck! Darn superstition! And darn me for "speaking it" into being! ;-P

Posted by Ryan Waldroop
at 02:02 on Monday, 16 July 2007

Episode 10-2 is Not Bad Luck for You

Ok, I really need to stop rhyming in my titles. So here it is, the much anticipating finale of Episode 10. That's right folks--after a really fun, high energy segment we only went another 6 minutes before we absolutely crashed and burned. Luckily for us, this wasn't a piece-meal episode where we had to cut out a lot of junk between the good parts. This time, we just cut out the last 40 minutes of utter crap. ;-)

Episode 11 is being worked on right now by Matt, and we will return from our podcasting hiatus next week when spencer returns from a youth camp where he volunteers as a counselor.

Also, I would like to offer my condolences to Matt Watson's family in the loss of his grandmother. The doctors suddenly found a LOT of cancer throughout her body, and it was too late to do anything for her. Thankfully, she went home peacefully to meet her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Despite these comforting thoughts, this is still a disheartening time for Matt and his family. Please keep them in your prayers.

Posted by Ryan Waldroop
at 16:16 on Friday, 13 July 2007

Episode 10-1, a Mighty Skinny Hen

Hooray! Classes are out for...a whole five days until Maymester starts up. :'( Well I, for one, am going to make the best of it. I plan on catching up on some much needed sleep, hanging shelves at Laura's house, and maybe making a trip to The Parson's Table down near Myrtle Beach. Yeah, I know it's a long drive, but it's the best food in the whole wide WORLD!

Oh, and I almost forgot...I'm going upload part of an episode. All of us here at the Weekend Meltdown have been swamped with school and work, so we haven't had a chance to record in a while. But that's OK, because we have about 5 episodes that haven't been released! David has had part 1 of episode 10 hanging around for a while, and still hasn't gotten around to edit it. Maybe I'll get a chance to do that...Sunday, maybe? -- psst! hey dave! get that episode to me, ok? :-P --

Also, this episode deserves a short disclaimer before you listen: I get a little crazy there at the beginning. Sorry about that. Deal with it, ok? :-D A little later, David plugs his "He is Christ" tour, including a show for February 18th, 2007. That's right, this show is still back in January. But I PROMISE HOPE we will be caught up by the end of the summer.

Posted by Ryan Waldroop
at 21:00 on Wednesday, 02 May 2007