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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a podcast?
A: A podcast is basically an internet radio show, only instead of tuning in to listen whenever it's on, you can use a program to automatically download and listen at your convenience (without commercials!) on your computer or on your mp3 player or iPod. For more technical information, check out Wikipedia.

Q: I don't have an iPod, can I still listen? How?
A: If you want to use an iPod/iTunes, see the next question. If not, you have a multitude of options! First, you need a podcast receiver. I recommend Juice. Just install that, click "add podcast," enter "http://www.weekendmeltdown.com/podcast.xml" (without the quotes) and you're good to go! This will let you listen on your computer and most mp3 players. Use the same address to subscribe in any podcast receiving program you want to try out.

Q: I already have an iPod/iTunes...how do I subscribe to the podcast with that?
A: Click here to open it directly in the iTunes Muic Store (where you can also find us by browsing iTunes). If that doesn't work, click here. If those links don't work, you can add us manually by going to "Advanced" at the top of iTunes, then click "Subscribe to Podcast," then type "http://www.weekendmeltdown.com/podcast.xml" (without the quotes) and click OK.

Q: I don't want to install any software or I just want to listen to a single file. How can I?
A: While I highly recommend using one of the above methods, any modern browser (Firefox 2.0, Opera 9, and Internet Explorer 7) will let you view all of the files by going to "http://www.weekendmeltdown.com/podcast.xml" (without the quotes). Alternatively, You can use any RSS reader that supports enclosures by adding the link above. I recommend Google Reader, because it keeps all of your news stories and podcasts online, so they are automatically anywhere you want to be!

Q: Can you keep me notified of changes to the website?
A: Yes! Just add "http://www.weekendmeltdown.com/news.xml" to any RSS reader (like Google Reader), or click the link in any browser. With Firefox, you can add a Live Bookmark, or IE 7 and Opera 9 will let you use their built-in RSS readers.

Have a question? Email us!
Email Webmaster@weekendmeltdown.com for technical issues about the website, setting up your podcast receiver, having us add your link to the site, or even general computer help questions.
Email the following for questions directly relating to them on the show: